Episode Guide

Episode 1 – An Auspicious Beginning (The Intro)
Episode 2 – Fully Futon (Host & Friend Robin talk smack)
Episode 3 – A Few Moments on Choice (host discusses ‘choice feminism’)
Episode 4 – Holla Back DC (Interview with the creators of the DC Holla Back Blog)
Episode 5 - I am Dr Tiller (Interview with the creator of the I am Dr Tiller blog)
Episode 6 – Exhale (Interview with Aspen Baker)
Episode 7 – Repro Health (Host discussion of isms in the repro rights movement)
Episode 8 – Guilty Pleasures 1. (a round table discussion)
Episode 9 – Interview with Marie Condenzio (Comics & Feminism)
Episode 10 – Guilty Pleasures 2 (2nd 1/2 of Roundtable)
Episode 11 – Marches, Comics, Fuck ups… Oh MY! (Abby Denson Interview + more)
Episode 12 – Still More Comics & Fuck Ups! (Liz Baillie Interview + more)
Episode 13 - Abortion Provider Appreciation Day (host discusses the day)
Episode 14 – OTC Meds & Evolving Selves (Interview with DC activist Yael Flusberg)
Episode 15 – Age Gaps & Things I Like (a conversation with DC activist Colin)
Episode 16 – O’Donnell Coverage & SVH (interview with Dairi Burger Blogger)
Episode 17 -Faux Rallies & Comics (interview w/ M. Dabaie & D. Gambrell)
Episode 18 – Mental Health, Finding Center & More… (interview with T. Thorn Coyle)
Episode 19 – YA Rebooted (interview with Jessica Stites)
Episode 20 – Street Harassment (interview with Holly Kearl)
Episode 21 – Feminism, oh the places you go! (interview at a march)
Episode 22 – Crafts & Questions (chatting with crafters)
Episode 23 – Amplify
Episode 24 – Menstruation Girl of the 2010s (interview with Jen Vaughn)
Episode 25 – Bro-Space’ing (interview with Gabby Schulz)
Episode 26 – Funny Lady (interview with Jessica Halem)
Episode 27 – Losing Your Virginity (interview with Theresa Shechter)
Episode 28 – Crossing the Line (interview with Holly Kearl)
Episode 29 – So Much Awesome (interview with Michelle of the Fat Nutritionist blog)
Episode 30 – Radically Feminist (interview with Avory of the Radically Queer blog)
Episode 31- The BFD Collective interview (interview with the BFD Collective)
Episode 32- The Black Women’s Blueprint interview (interview with Janeen Mantin)
Episode 33- Collab with FAPCast (for 12th & Delaware) (a conversation with Mel)
Episode 34- Be Awesome or Don’t Bother ( (an interview with Erin Matson)


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